50 pcs Microscope Slides and 100 pcs Cover Glass

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50xMicroscope Slides and 100xCover Glass

Slides and cover glasses are all made of high quality glasses, they are used to make specimens for microscope.
The slides are rectangular with good light transmission, their edges are grinded carefully to protect your fingers.
The cover glasses makes the objective become film in order to observe better, make the specimen fix better, and keep the specimen from pollution.
Slides only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.

Microscope Slides:
Material: Glass
Applications: Microscope
Features: Microscope Slides, Polished Edge, Preparation of Specimen, Glass Cover Slips, Optical Instruments, Microscope Parts
Dimension: app.7.6x2.5cm
Color: Transparent
Quantity: 1 Set

Microscope Cover Slips
Material: Glass.
Color: Transparent.
Size: 18x18mm
Quantity: 100 pcs/box.