60-120x Mini Handheld Microscope with LED Light

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Childrens Mini Handheld Microscope

60-120x - This microscope can magnify 60 to 120 times and can clearly see individual cells, you can quickly focus and adjust the magnification with the knob. The high-definition eyepiece allows you to open up the mysterious microscopic world.

LED Light - The microscope is equipped with an LED light source, which can illuminate the object under observation whether it is in dim light or at night. Requires 2xAAA batteries (not included) and slide the switch to turn on the light.

Designed for Children - The microscope is designed for children's hands, so that it is more comfortable to hold. The mobile phone camera is aligned with the eyepiece, you can record and share the microscopic world under the microscope at any time.

Easy To Carry - The microscope is extremely easy to use and apply both at home and in the field. It's lightweight and so small enough (9.6x4.5CM) to put into a pocket, and you can take it outside everywhere.

Wide Application - The microscope can be used for viewing stamps, coins, fabric, bugs, nature, printing, electronics and more. Children will be captivated by seeing a whole new world through the lens. This is the key for teens to open the door to the microcosm.

12 Prepared Slides are also available to purchase seperately with this Microscope