Biological Mini Microscope 1200x

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Biological Mini Microscope 1200x


  • Microscope for Kids - Educational microscope kit encourages scientific exploration and discovery, easy to operate and imaging clearly, introduces a key scientific tool in a fun way.
  • High Magnification - Kids Beginner Microscope provides high magnification for educational applications, 100X, 400x, and 1200x Magnification.
  • Fun Educational Toy - Kids microscope includes everything necessary for a child to be introduced to science and get started dissecting specimens.
  • Introductory Science Tool - Monocular viewing head with LED. With the adjustable angles design of the led light and lens, your kids can observe the objects in the best perspective.
  • Kids Microscope Set - Comes with multi-piece accessory kit; Requires 2 AA batteries (Not included).


1. Open the batteries compartment door after unscrewing the protecting screw.
2. Insert two AA batteries (not included), as directed in the compartment’s bottom.
3. Put back the protecting screw.
4. Lift the objective lens on as much as possible with the coarse adjustment.
5. Put a slide with the tissue or organism that you want to observe on the stage,
fixed under the two stage clip.
6. Turn on the LED light .
7. Adjust the focus with the coarse adjustment,and adjust the eyepiece to your
eyesight by turning it gently.
8. Adjust the light intensity with the light control knod. Too much light can crush

Package List

1 x Microscope
2 x Microscope Slides
1 x Sample Fiber
4 x Gadgets
2 x Collection Bottle
1 x Specimen Box
Batteries not included